AGL adds motorhome service

Activate Group Limited (AGL) has formed a new venture offering a specialist motorhome repair service.

The first of its kind, the new network will help insurance providers deliver a first-class service to their customers among the UK’s motorhome and caravanning community.

Motorhome Repair Network (MRN) comprises a nationwide network of specialist repair centres, strategically located within easy reach of the popular holiday destinations to which up to 550,000 UK motorhomes and caravans travel every year.

AGL chairman Mark Wilcox said, ‘AGL is stepping in to fill a significant gap in the market. Without access to a network of specialist repairers who are used to dealing with motorhomes, caravans, horseboxes and GRP repairs, insurance providers have no option but to route customer repairs through their existing networks. All too often, this results in valued customers encountering delays or receiving sub-standard service.

‘Many non-specialist repairers don’t have repair bays wide enough to cater for motorhomes and other leisure vehicles. Some simply lack the specialist expertise or equipment to carry out the work to the highest standards. Now, for the first time, AGL’s Motorhome Repair Network offers a specialist repair network that insurance providers can have complete confidence in.’

All repairers included in AGL’s Motorhome Repair Network are accredited to ISO 9001 or PAS 125 standard, and can reset ADAS and radar driver assistance systems, which are now fitted as standard to most motorhomes.

Mark added, ‘For insurers, the combination of a dependable specialist repair network and ready access to appropriate courtesy replacement vehicles should mean no more disappointed customers whose holidays have been badly disrupted.’