Absolute Alignment supports Tyre Safety Month

Absolute Alignment is supporting Tyre Safety Month, throughout October, helping to raise awareness of how important tyre maintenance is, and how wheel alignment is a significant contributing factor to tyre safety.

Motorists should regularly check that the tread depth of their tyres is above the legal limit (1.6mm), that the tyres on their vehicle are wearing evenly, and that their tyre pressures are set correctly – on the front and rear of the car – in accordance with vehicle loads.

It is also strongly recommended that tyres are looked over periodically for any cracks, bulges or nails, particularly before drivers set off on a long journey.

If on inspection tyres appear to be wearing unevenly and they have been changed recently, or if a wheel alignment check has not been carried out within the last two to three years, it is advisable to book a four-wheel alignment at a preferred garage or tyre specialist outlet.

Wheel alignment can be affected by impact caused by hitting kerbs or driving over potholes and also by any wear to a vehicle’s suspension system. In addition, any work carried out to the wheels, tyres or suspension of a car may also disturb wheel alignment.

Chris Dear, Absolute Alignment’s technical director, said, ‘Wheel alignment is so important to ensure that motorists are not just driving safely on their tyres, but also making sure they are getting the most out of their tyres by enabling them to last longer via proper maintenance and simple regular checks.’