AA plans business growth

The AA has presented a new business strategy to innovate and grow its Roadside business and invest to accelerate the growth of the insurance business.

The strategic plan, set out by Simon Breakwell, chief executive of the AA is designed to ‘unlock the full potential of the AA by delivering targeted and strategic investment in our people, our products, our systems and operations.’

Included in the Roadside plans are: further embed the AA app as its ‘core digital hub’; extend the roll out of its Connected Car product; and target new, younger customer groups to grow Roadside membership.

The Insurance business aims to accelerate growth by: broadening its footprint; developing more competitive pricing; and integrating digital and Connected Car products and data.

The plans will mean a combined incremental investment of £45m of opex and capex in financial year 2019.

Simon Breakwell, said, ‘We are building on the solid foundation that our investments since the IPO have created. It will take the AA from a company helping when you break down to one actually predicting when you might break down in the first place.’