‘A win-win proposition’

Atticus Innovation is the new development and brand identify of one of the industry’s longest established accident management companies, well known for its focus on the insurance and fleet markets. This new identity has been designed to break new ground in terms of service methodology, performance and cost controls.

Mike Monaghan, Atticus Innovation, said, ‘We are able to support this with our new network and whilst we will reduce claims frequency, the profitability of the repairs for bodyshops will be higher than the industry average, whilst delivering downward pressure on repair costs for the client. This will create a win-win-win proposition, putting people at the forefront of what is often a faceless industry.’

The company has been restructured, introducing a series of engagement rules, working in collaboration with key suppliers and bringing the skills and expertise under one roof to provide a new seamless 360 degree service. Investment in software and new hardware has also been made to enable the company to deliver its exceptional service.

Mike added, ‘What we have done is to work incredibly hard behind the scenes to make sure that the technology for recording, progressing and processing a claim connects seamlessly to any one aspect of our service/partner/collaborative proposition.’

Atticus Innovation is aimed at the high-end insurance broker and fleet markets and introduces very defined levels of service according to customer requirements. Instead of a one-size fits all concept, customers can choose the scope and scale of service to suit their very specific needs and engagement levels.

Mike concluded, ‘What Atticus has challenged itself to do is to find the right collective partners to create one single, joined up system, so there are less touch points, less handovers, less risk of errors or service failures and you don’t have to manage multiple contracts to get the desired outcome. I believe it will bring something very, very different to the market. We are going to be a highly specialised, niche player. We are not expecting a big insurer or fleet to give us all of their claims, but if they want a highly focused, customer centric service proposition, then we intend to be at the very top of the premier league.’