41% of dealers selling fewer diesels

More than four in 10 dealers are selling fewer used diesel vehicles than a year ago, according to a survey from RAC Dealer Network.

33% said that they were selling ‘fewer’ and eight per cent ‘much fewer’ while 48% were selling ‘approximately the same’ and just 10% either ‘more’ or ‘many more.’

However, the swing away from diesel does not appear to be translating into substantially increased interest in alternatively fuelled vehicles, with 78% of the dealers surveyed saying they do not sell any at all.

Sean Kent, sales director at the RAC Dealer Network said that the research showed that the ongoing impact of the movement against diesel.

‘The ongoing, negative coverage that diesel has been receiving in the media for some time now has had a very clear effect on the new car market, with a marked swing towards petrol power and, to a lesser extent, AFVs,’ said Sean.

He added, ‘However, there has so far been little evidence of an identifiable impact in the used car sector, with the major industry data providers generally recording an increase in diesel pricing and demand in recent months.’