West Midlands remains vehicle theft hot-spot

The West Midlands remains one of the top regions where cars are most commonly stolen and recovered, with the most popular make and model car among its thieves being the BMW X5.

This is according to figures from Tracker, which is able to locate stolen vehicles thanks to a covert transmitter that works like an electronic homing device.

The latest victim of West Midland’s BMW-loving criminals is Richard Smith, whose car was stolen outside a train station but recovered the very next morning.

Andy Barrs, head of police liaison at Tracker, said, ‘According to West Midlands Police, Mr Smith’s car was broken into and an electronic device was used to start it. This highlights how thieves use sophisticated methods to find ways around a car’s security systems. It’s also important to realise that professional criminals will often stake out hotspots, such as train station car parks to identify opportunities. Someone may have known Mr Smith’s routine and struck, knowing how long they had before he came back from work.

‘Luckily for Mr Smith, he had a Tracker fitted, which led Police to the stolen BMW, which demonstrates just how powerful technology can be in closing the net on thieves.’