VWG addresses windscreen concerns

Volkswagen Group has played host to Auto Windscreens to demonstrate how ‘pinpoint accurate’ calibration leads to the best driving experience for its customers.

The half-day course, led by paint and body technical trainers Nick Goodess, David Smith and Giacomo Chiarelli highlighted how Volkswagen Group, along with other manufacturers, advises that modern, high-tech windscreens should be recalibrated after replacement in a ‘properly equipped workshop’.

Addressing various areas of concern relating to windscreen replacement, the VWG team of experts underlined the necessity for pinpoint accuracy with a practical experiment. A laser light pointed at a wall one metre away was then moved one millimetre – this resulted in moving the beam on the wall off-target by one metre.

The VWG team advised that calibration must be done under workshop conditions and involve two steps: four wheel alignment, followed by the calibration process.

The course helped to underline Auto Windscreens’ stance that calibration under workshop conditions is crucial.