VW fixing 20,000 UK diesel cars a week

BBC reports that Volkswagen have fixed 470,000 of the 1.2 million UK cars affected by the diesel emissions scandal.

Paul Willis, top UK executive at VW, has told MPs on the Transport Committee ‘At the current rate, we are applying these measures to 20,000 cars a week.’

VW owners in the UK will not receive compensation due to the emissions scandal even though in the US VW have agreed to pay fines and compensation to customers amounting to more than $19bn.

VW have admitted that 8.5 million vehicles across Europe were affected by the scandal yet they insist that they haven’t done anything wrong legally in Europe.

Mr Willis said there was ‘no legal basis for compensation’ and that situations in the US and Europe did not compare. VW have also denied that the software is classed as a cheat device under EU law.

Transport ministers, Chris Grayling and John Hayes are travelling to Germany next month to meet with their German counterparts to gather further information.