VW Car-Net gets an upgrade

Car-Net, Volkswagen’s connected car network, is expanding on its existing functionality with the addition of ‘Security & Service’.

Until recently, connected cars have just referred to the synchronisation of your smart phone to the cars infotainment system but along with advances in technology connected cars have evolved to connect in more intuitive and efficient ways.

The new ‘Security’ element of VW’s Car-Net adds automatic accident notification. This means that if the car is involved in an accident that results in an airbag being deployed or the seatbelts being tensioned, the car will automatically call the emergency services. Information sent to these services include location, direction of travel and the number of passengers in the vehicle. If necessary emergency calls can easily be cancelled by the driver or passenger(s).

‘Security’ also features a trio of different buttons, a red button marked ‘SOS’ to manually call emergency services, a grey button marked with a spanner (the Breakdown Call button) and a button featuring the letter ‘i’ for general enquires.

As well as all this the ‘Security’ element also allows the owner to check if the cars windows and doors are locked via the Volkswagen smartphone app. Via the app the driver can also set up up to ten Area Alerts so that if the vehicle enters or leaves a designated geographical zone the owner is notified.

The Volkswagen app can also be configured to notify the owner if the car goes over a specified speed or if the alarm goes off.

The ‘Servicing’ element primarily focusing on reporting the servicing the car requires to a pre-selected VW retailer. The retailer can then contact the customer directly to arrange a convenient time for the service work to be undertaken.

Also included is a regular Vehicle Health Report. This uploads notices of services due, or warnings displayed on the instrument cluster, to the Volkswagen server accessed by the customer via the online Car-Net portal. Other information including vehicle mileage and fuel level can be accessed through the portal.

The VW app also features many other useful functions like the ability to alter the heating and keep track of where the car is parked.

Car-Net ‘Security & Service’ is one of three elements that complete the full Car-Net portfolio. The other two are ‘App-Connect’ which allows some smartphone apps to be accessed via the car’s infotainment touchscreen. ‘Guide & Inform’ which is focused on navigation and infotainment, allowing the driver to send routes from their computer or laptop direct to the car.