Volvo Car Ireland spreads knowledge

Volvo Car Ireland has hosted a two day body and technology event to share cutting edge safety knowledge, repair methods and calibration techniques.

Delegates gained invaluable insight into the safety technology that is utilised in Volvo cars, along with learning where components and different steel grades are located, and the calibration and alignment aspects that are associated with these systems. A S60 cutaway car was on display, showcasing the car’s structural safety features, accident avoidance systems and occupant protection features.

‘Safety has always been our key priority at Volvo Cars. We work hard to ensure that our cars fulfil all safety requirements and pass all testing procedures. Our main focus is, and always has been, real-life safety. In order to ensure our cars maintain the highest level of safety features it is important that they are assessed and repaired in line with guidelines and with Volvo genuine parts at a Volvo approved repairer,’ said Clodagh Walsh, head of aftersales at Volvo Car Ireland.

By example, Volvo Cars carry out extensive testing on adhesive and glass products and in doing so analyse the collision behaviour of these products with regard to safety. Only products approved by Volvo have met this rigorous level of test criteria and therefore only these products should be utilised in the repair of Volvo Cars. If the glass is not a genuine Volvo piece of glass, this could affect the ability of the City Safety system to function correctly.

Volvo Cars has a long held vision that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by the year 2020. Volvo Car Ireland’s investment in information sharing with the aftermarket is further proof of Volvo’s continuing investment in and commitment to automotive safety leadership.