Vizion rallies the troops

Vizion has contacted its network to advise that the Auto Portal, created in partnership with Autoflow and Save Our Soldier (SOS) is now open for job opening entries.

The Auto Portal, an online and free to use job site, will officially be launched later this week and is aimed at providing a resource for 22,000 service personnel leaving the armed forces annually to find employment.

In the communication, Vizion managing director, Chris McKie wrote, ‘Employment is a critical step in any service levers reintegration back to civilian life and performance and highly motivated staff are a critical requirement for our industry which presents us all with positive opportunities.

‘There are vast array of skills present in these individuals which at present remains mainly untapped, we see the Auto Portal very much as a solution to this and a scenario that could greatly benefit your business.’

The Auto Portal is a non for profit initiative.