Video vital for vehicle health checks

According to AOL research, consumers are watching more and more digital videos each year, but the consumption of short-form video is rising at an even higher pace.

The research has found that 42% of consumers watch videos of five minutes or less every day. As videos get longer, that number decreases. Smartphones continue to grow as a screen of choice for video, rivalling desktop viewership consistently year-over-year. On average, 57% of consumers globally watch videos on a mobile phone every day, while 58% of consumers watch videos on their laptop or desktop.

With the use of video increasing in popularity, garages should be embracing it in vehicle health checks. According to Dragon2000, video is becoming an ever-increasingly important tool, offering a more personalised experience, compared to traditional paper reports or emails.

Mark Kelland, commercial manager at Dragon2000 comments, ‘Garages and workshops that send good quality vehicle health check videos to customers are not only improving the way they communicate, they are also boosting income potential.

‘They are securing additional work on vehicles they service, when they use video VHCs. They can text or email customers a short video, highlighting the work to help them decide whether to have it carried out.  Videos give garages and workshops the opportunity to increase trust and engagement, as well as accurately display the vehicle’s condition.’