Video footage saves insurer £16,000

Video footage has saved an insurer over £16,000 after a motorist jumped a red light and crashed into a fleet driver.

Markerstudy escaped paying more than £16,000 after its policyholder produced footage from his VisionTrack 3G dash cam video that clearly proved he was the innocent victim of a motorist jumping a red light.

The footage showed the Ford Transit going through a green light at a junction in Sydenham, South London. Seconds later, the Transit was in collision with a Nissan Note coming from the opposite direction which jumped a red light at the same junction.

The Nissan driver denied all responsibility for the crash and submitted third party costs of £16,206, including personal injury claims for three occupants of the car.

The footage was immediately sent via the VisionTrack cloud platform to Markerstudy with all relevant data such as the driver’s speed at the time of the collision. Once disclosed, the Nissan driver’s insurers admitted full liability and withdrew their claim.

Gary Humphreys, group underwriting director for Markerstudy commented, ‘We’re finding visual footage more and more vital, as in this case, proving instantly that the fleet driver was completely innocent and dismissing the claim which had already spiralled to more than £16,000 for the third party alone. It enabled us to make an instant judgement on liability so the claim could be settled quickly and in the most cost-effective way.’