Veolia recognises apprentice talent

Veolia has recognised the vital role apprenticeships play in its business by hosting its third consecutive National Apprentice of the Year Awards ceremony at the House of Commons.

With approximately 300 apprentices across the business, the company demonstrated its commitment to its apprentices, as it believes they play a vital role in closing the national skills gap while helping to attract new talent to its ranks.

Estelle Brachlianoff, senior executive vice-president of Veolia UK & Ireland, said, ‘It’s extremely encouraging to see that apprenticeship participation now stands at a record high. As well as seeing apprenticeship uptake steadily rise for both genders, it’s great to see how apprenticeships have helped to attract seven per cent more females into STEM roles too; however, there is so much more to achieve and especially in Brexit times it is important employers find and develop the talent they need to grow their business. I honestly believe apprenticeships hold the key to success of industry across the UK and if we’re to close the predicted skills gap businesses across the country must keep pushing to deliver the home grown talent we need.

‘For some time now, Veolia’s objective has been to have 300+ apprentices in the business and we’ve also developed our apprenticeships in-line with the passions and interests of millennials in mind. As a result, our apprenticeships aim to expand the career horizons of this generation, while tackling the skills gap. At their core, STEM careers question, design, invent and solve and more businesses need to take responsibility in helping to equip our young people with the skills they require to have fulfilling careers. The good news is, looking at the calibre of people undertaking our own apprenticeship programme the talent is out there to be harnessed.’