VDA Trailblazers make headway

The VDA Trailblazer Employers Steering Group meeting took place on Tuesday 10 October at ITAS, Milton Keynes.

The meeting saw those involved review the current version of the VDA standard and discuss required amendments/additions. It also saw the group set out timescales for: finalising the VDA standard; gaining approval for the new standard; development of an assessment plan; and discussion/agreement of maximum funding band.

Helping to co-ordinate the group is AutoRaise – the vehicle repair industry’s charity. AutoRaise CEO, Bob Linwood, said, ‘Creating modern, fit-for-purpose apprenticeship standards for our industry is absolutely key for AutoRaise – the charity wants as many apprenticeship products in the industry’s portfolio so we can interest as many young people as possible. This VDA Trailblazer will clearly be aimed at a higher age group than the multi-skilled standard but I think the whole industry would agree that this is a very much needed apprenticeship.

‘Our employer steering group have dedicated their time and effort to help build this Trailblazer for the industry and we are extremely grateful to them. AutoRaise’s role is purely to bring people together, manage the process and engage with the various government departments so we can get it to market. Once the employer group has ratified the latest version, it will be circulated to our wider industry group, comprising of repairers, partners, insurers and suppliers before releasing it to the whole industry for consultation, hopefully some time in December.’

The meeting was attended by: Kelly Dalwood, Indra Nauth and Bob Linwood of AutoRaise, along with James Dunn,  AW Accident Repair Centres; Richard Tutt, Motofix; Richard Harrington, Fix Auto Stevenage; Paul Cunningham, Fix Auto Dagenham; Nicki Probets, Baldwins Repair Group; Dawn Mullins, Aylesbury Panelcraft; Robert Dearnaley, Fix Auto Rochester; and Dave Sargeant, Gemini Accident Repair Centres.