Valeo and Cisco sign cooperation

Valeo and Cisco have signed a cooperation agreement to develop strategic innovations in smart mobility services.

Cyber Valet Services, a project resulting from the collaboration, enables vehicles equipped with Valeo Park4U Auto technology to park safely and autonomously. The driver simply gets out of his/her vehicle at the car park entrance and activates the automatic parking system using a smartphone. The vehicle then continues its journey in automatic mode until it has finished parking. In just a few clicks, it can be set in motion again to meet the driver at the designated pick-up point in the car park.

The vehicle drives itself inside the car park by combining the power of automatic parking technologies (Valeo Park4U Auto), Valeo on-board telematics and secure key systems (Valeo InBlue) with Cisco Parking Controller technologies, which equip car parks with Wi-Fi, video sensors and artificial intelligence-based solutions.

Indigo, a world leading provider of parking services and individual mobility solutions, is the first to integrate the new service, which is currently being introduced at the Camille Desmoulins parking garage in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.

Jacques Aschenbroich, Valeo’s chairman and chief executive officer, commented, ‘Valeo’s goal is to develop technologies for everyone that re-imagine mobility to make it smoother, safer and more intuitive. Valeo’s Park4U Auto technology has already been integrated into more than 12 million vehicles worldwide. Our partnership with Cisco is a great opportunity for us to show how our technologies are capable of transforming urban mobility services sustainably and for the better.’