TSC welcomes CAV’s in Budget

In his budget today, Chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to announce that driverless cars will be able to be tested without any human operator inside or outside the car, and without the legal constraints and rules that apply in many other EU nations, and much of the US.

Paul Campion the Transport Systems Catapult CEO comments, ‘The government’s commitment to getting Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVS) on road in the budget is welcome in the UK transport industry, where organisations are already working on a wide variety of world leading projects aimed at getting the UK to the forefront of the transport revolution.

‘CAV technology will bring with it the potential for huge gains in safety, efficiency, mobility, productivity and user experience. It will also be a huge economic opportunity for the country. UK jobs in the manufacture and assembly of CAVs could reach 27,400 in 2035 with a further 6000 jobs in the production of CAV technologies such as software and sensors.

‘The development of regulations to allow the testing and use of automated vehicles has already seen much progress under CCAV (the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles). The chancellor’s commitment to accelerate this is exciting for those striving to make this technology a reality.

‘This commitment will be key to promoting the UK as a superb testbed for new transport technologies. It will also allow UK companies to develop their own products and services to compete on the world stage and gain a share of what could be a £908bn global CAV industry in 2035.’