Trailblazer standards on the way

New single-skilled trailblazer apprenticeship standards in MET, panel and paint have been published by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

Each has been awarded an indicative £15k funding band and the first assessment plan, MET Technician, has been submitted to Ofqual, which the group is confident will accept the role of external quality assurance body. Due to review cycle timing, this means submission of the assessment plan to the IFA will be delayed until January and the group will use this time to enhance the Panel and Paint assessment plans ready for submission in a similar timeframe.

The expectation is to have the standards and plans in place by late in the first quarter of 2018 allowing training providers to gear up for delivery in the fourth quarter. In the meantime, the existing apprenticeship standards continue to be used allowing employers to continue to benefit from a government and industry supported apprenticeship service.

Tom Hudd, Trailblazer chair said, ‘This success is a direct result of industry-wide collaboration while working with the various government agencies. From the early days when we met with the DFE at Westminster to gain approval to proceed to more recently working closely with our relationship manager to improve the drafts ready for publication we have built positive relationships with all involved. This has been a long journey for all individuals involved in this trailblazer group and I thank them all for their efforts in this regard.’