Top tips for buyers

New research has identified the five rules to follow to ensure the best possible deal when buying a new car.

Carbuyer sent undercover reporters posing as buyers to a number of franchised dealerships. One set out as a casual first-time buyer, while the other went as a determined haggler armed with a number of negotiating tips. The results were startling, with one reporter getting £18,000 knocked off their cars and the other netting £31,000 worth of discounts.

From these results, Carbuyer has identified five top tips.

Of all the haggling tips available to buyers, setting out determined to get a good deal is vital, and remember the dealers are out there for you, not the other way around.

It’s also advisable to mention the fact you’re looking at rival manufacturers. Even if you’re after a specific car or brand, mentioning you know where other franchised locations are can help.

Buyers should also break with tradition and explain, from the outset, that you’re only interested in the dealer’s best price, want a quick offer put together and will walk away if needs be.

When entering any dealership, make sure you know what engine, trim level and extras you want. Spending 20 minutes on a configurator can ultimately save you time and money if you can identify the dealer is highlighting a feature that’s standard on rival cars. Make sure you’re up to speed with the latest road tax and emissions news as well, as this will save you being potentially bamboozled with data. And check online prices to get an idea of the deals the dealer has to beat.

Carbuyer investigators also planned ahead. They sent a number of emails and made several phone calls to back up their physical dealer visits. While emailing conventional dealers didn’t yield fantastic results, calling ahead was far more fruitful. The best deals were still to be done on the forecourt, but five minutes on the phone netted significant savings, and helped establish initial rapport as well.