Todd Tracy’s top tips to avoid a lawsuit

Todd Tracy, the attorney responsible for a $42m verdict largely falling upon a Texas dealership bodyshop, has offered collision repairers ways to avoid suffering the same fate.

Tracy represented Matthew and Marcia Seebachan in their lawsuit against the John Eagle Collision Centre for incorrect repairs to their 2010 Honda Fit, which a jury found increased the severity of a subsequent collision.

The bodyshop’s work was found responsible for 75% of the couple’s ordeal related to the 2013 crash and they were subsequently liable to pay $31.5m in damages. The Dallas County jury attributed the other 25% of the blame to the other driver.

The Seebachans were traveling in the Fit on a 75mph stretch of road in 2013 when a 2010 Toyota Tundra in the other lane hydroplaned into their path, leading to the Fit striking the right front quarter of the Tundra in a T-bone collision.

Here’s most of Tracy’s ways to fend off ‘lawyers like me, who you do not want to come to your office.

Always follow OEM procedures. ‘Pretty basic,’ Tracy said.

‘Always follow I-CAR’ (which also says to follow OEM procedures), according to Tracy.

‘Never forget who your customer is,’ Tracy said. He noted that he loved an I-CAR webpage stating the same.

‘Your customers are the lifeblood of your business,’ I-CAR wrote. ‘When they entrust you with their vehicle repairs, they are putting their lives – and the lives of their loved ones – in your hands.

‘Don’t let them down. Make sure your customers drive off in a properly repaired vehicle, every time.’