TIDAL continues to make waves

TIDAL are delighted to announce MDA Bitec and AIIParts SW have been appointed as official alliance partners and would like to welcome Steve Miles (MDA Bitec) and Martyn Newbury (AIIParts SW) to the team. The two strategically located appointments strengthen the TIDAL proposition as this new fresh distribution alliance establishes itself as a credible alternative in the UK refinish market.

Steve Miles, managing director of MDA Bitec commented, ‘At Bitec we have developed and started to implement a very aggressive growth strategy, TIDAL fits hand in glove with that plan and could not have come at a better time for our business. Our management team are totally aligned and committed to the TIDAL programme and very much look forward to taking an active part in this fresh forward-thinking Alliance.

The opportunity to work with people who understand the value of building strong relationships with customers and suppliers is key to our future development, TIDAL offers us that opportunity and we are delighted to be an integral part of a UK Alliance that will make a difference.’

Martyn Newbury, managing director of Allparts SW added, ‘Allparts SW are delighted to become partners of the Tidal Alliance.  It will give us the opportunity to compete on a national level but still give the personal service that we feel is so important to our customers. Tidal is a forward-thinking alliance that will give us the opportunity to work with like-minded businesses and be able to compete in a constantly changing refinish industry. We are very excited about the benefits it will bring and look forward to taking an active role in the development of the Tidal Alliance.’

Paul Blunt commented, ‘Constant change creates endless opportunity, the TIDAL Alliance is committed to embrace change at all levels and deliver the products and services needed by our industry to reflect the pace of change in today’s market.’