The camera never lies

Ravenscroft Motors has saved more than £6,000 in repairs by using a vehicle camera to uncover a false insurance claim.

The driver of a motorhome claimed that one of the company’s Renault Midlum car transporters had jumped a red light causing a crash at the A331 Interchange near Frimley, Surrey. However, video evidence taken from the camera, fitted inside the vehicle’s cab, conclusively shows that the motorhome was in fact responsible for the collision.

‘The cost of repairs to our vehicle alone was more than £6,000, so the overall claim could have reached over £15,000 had we not been able to challenge this false driving allegation,’ said Martin Brimson, transport manager at Ravenscroft Motors. ‘Without Intelligent Telematics’ 3G cameras we would have had no way of disputing the claim and been left significantly out of pocket as a result, despite our driver having done nothing wrong.’

The high definition footage captured the moments leading up to the collision, which contradicts the version of events given by the motorhome’s driver. It shows the car transporter travelling in the same direction as the motorhome and not entering the roundabout from an alternative route, which immediately disproves the red light claim. It goes on to show the motorhome changing lanes without proper care, resulting in significant damage to the offside front corner of the car transporter and the rear of the motorhome.

‘We installed the IT1000 vehicle cameras on 70 vehicles last year to help reduce insurance costs and better handle the claims process, while at the same time provide a way of engaging with our drivers to promote responsible driving. Having access to HD footage of driving incidents within minutes of them occurring has been invaluable, enabling us to respond quickly to any given situation,’ Martin added.