Thatcham goes crystal ball gazing

Thatcham Research is gathering industry influencers together on 6 June to experience the ‘Bodyshop of the Future’, when the focus will be on repair, skills and leadership.

This year Thatcham is extending the exhibition into its Repair Technology Centre. The exhibition will display equipment and repair techniques impacted by new technologies, and how Thatcham is proactively preparing the repair industry for the affects that evolving technologies have today and in the future.

Visitors will see first-hand the practical repair challenges presented by modern vehicles, including mixed materials, power-trains and safety technology. Thatcham experts will also be on hand in a live working environment to show how a unique and innovative new approach is now enabling the production of Thatcham’s world renowned repair methods.

Meanwhile, skills of the future will highlight the support that Thatcham Research provides to the industry as an active member of a Trailblazer group, supporting the development of apprenticeship standards fit for the existing and future needs of the industry.

The day will also consist of a focus on future trends, challenges and opportunities. This will assist to develop wider industry strategies, whilst supporting bodyshop managers to enhance their skill sets and begin succession planning providing efficiency and reducing costs.

Thatcham will also be running workshops and seminars throughout the day.