Tech lost on Brits

Brits are spending billions of pounds a year on technology with functions and features that they never use.

The poll of 2,000 UK adults, conducted by car brand Dacia, highlighted that the average UK adult admitted to using less than 60% of the available settings on their gadgets regularly and almost one in 10 using less than 10%. It also found that more than a third named smartphones as the gadget with the most unused functions, on average using less than half of the settings available.

With 84% of the population believing that gadgets have simply become too complicated, nearly 60% just leave tech on the same one or two modes rather than experimenting with all the different options available.

When it comes to their cars, Brits only use two thirds of the settings available and the same amount said they don’t understand all the symbols on their dashboard, with a tenth admitted they hardly know what any mean.

Louise O’Sullivan, head of Dacia UK, said, ‘The influx of gadgets and technology into our lives was supposed to make living easier but our survey showed that millions of people aren’t even using half of the functions their tech offers, which makes you question how much benefit the user is getting.’

Louise continued, ‘There’s a lot to be said for simplicity in gadgets, things that have just a few functions and perform them well.’