Stoneacre adds after-sale connectivity

Stoneacre has become the first UK motor retailer to partner with Smartdriverclub, a connected car service that will provide information on the cars they sell post sale.

Through a telematics device, Smartdriverclub will provide Stoneacre’s 49 dealers with valuable information about the car which it can then pass on to its customers.

This includes things like daily mileage, fault and low battery alerts, as well as collision notifications which will enable Stoneacre to proactively contact their customers to arrange services, repairs and replacement vehicles.

Furthermore, car tracking can speed up police recovery while motorists can also view special deals from Stoneacre such as offers on tyres and MOTs.

All this data is available 24/7 via the free Stoneacre Connect app or online via their laptop or tablet device.

Gerry George, after sales director for Stoneacre, said, ‘One of the biggest challenges for the UK used car dealer market is generating after sales revenue and you can only really do that if you give your customers a very good reason to come back to you again and again.

‘The beauty of Stoneacre Connect is that it benefits our customers on a number of levels – it not only makes their lives easier by helping us to be proactive in offering our services when they need them but offers a whole range of useful additional services that currently only new car buyers can enjoy.’

CEO of Smartdriverclub, Penny Searles, added, ‘The team at Stoneacre immediately recognised the opportunity to increase revenue and enhance customer retention with connected car technology, as well as the potential to change the way they interact with customers once they leave the showroom. Stoneacre’s centralised services match perfectly with the simple proposition of listening to the car and delivering ongoing services to the customer.’