STL aids BIAS expansion

Leicestershire-based Bruntingthorpe Integrated Automotive Solutions (BIAS) has overseen a huge period of growth over recent years and heaped praise on STL Spraybooths for its support.

Ian Strong, head of technical operations at C Walton Ltd which owns BIAS, has paid tribute to the work of STL – which has been integral to an expansion which now sees between 3,000 to 5,000 car panels every month.

Ian claims that figure was about to increase dramatically with a prestigious new client and a bespoke new operational paint shop with seven new STL booths.

Ian explained, ‘C Walton Ltd had a major expansion over the last six years and we now have 21 booths onsite – the vast majority of which have been installed by STL.

‘We produce a major amount of volume with trucks, trailers, big vans, cars and STL has always worked with us to provide bespoke designs which are both high-tech and lightweight.’

Kevin Dillon, sales director at STL, said, ‘We are proud to have played a part in the expansion at C Walton Ltd.’

Bruntingthorpe Integrated Automotive Solutions boasts a 150,000sqft, state-of-the-art suite with dedicated spraybooths for cars, trucks, trailers, vans of all size and heavy plant machinery.