Selling platform partners with

Tootle, the platform connecting private sellers with trade car buyers, has announced a partnership with to help drivers sell their unwanted cars.

The tootle platform has been integrated into’s new ‘car selling’ comparison service, allowing drivers to compare how much cash they could get for their vehicle across a range of car buying providers.

Tootle’s national network of dealers bid to buy cars without associated auction and indemnity fees, while the consumer achieves a price from a professional dealer that is generally greater than any online car buying service. Once the seller accepts an offer, the buyer will arrange payment and collection with the seller directly.

This partnership between tootle and streamlines the car selling process for drivers who want to find comparable sale prices for their vehicle in one place.

Drivers looking to sell their unwanted cars are be able to enter their details and receive a range of options provided by, with tootle within the selection of options to sell their car.

Amy Buckley, digital director for tootle said, ‘ is a well-known, much loved brand, and we’re very pleased to help empower their customers throughout the journey of car ownership. This partnership will continue to increase the number of quality seller listings on the Tootle platform, giving our dealers even more opportunities to acquire the stock they need.’

Chris Wood, managing director of car buying and selling added, ‘Having already launched our car buying service, which delivers savings to drivers and convenience on their new and used car purchases – our car selling service is the latest addition to our online car market proposition and a natural evolution of our price comparison services for motorists.

‘The service helps drivers find how much cash they could be paid for their current or unwanted vehicles. The service lets motorists compare offers from across a range of car buying providers, including tootle, saving them time and empowering them to find the very best deal. Once drivers have sold their car, they can choose to use the extra cash as a deposit for their next vehicle via our car buying service, or return to traditional offline markets.’