SEAT not standing still

SEAT UK has reported fleet sales growth of 54% year-to-date and has maintained its position as the fastest growing manufacturer in the channel.

Leasing procurement specialist, Ebbon-Dacs, has also reported a huge rise in demand, with orders from its corporate customers via its Leaselink tool up 83%. Leaselink is the primary platform utilised by leasing companies to procure vehicles for corporate customers.

SEAT UK head of fleet and business sales, Peter McDonald, said, ‘The results speak for themselves – the figures are a culmination of our plan to improve all elements of our proposition, from service levels to delivering great vehicles to our customers. We’ve been steadily building a dedicated team of people with real expertise, introduced initiatives like the four-day test drive programme and developed new vehicles which in many cases are cheaper to run and more desirable than the competition.’

Graig Gibbin, director at Ebbon-Dacs, added, ‘When we were preparing a set of industry statistics to present at our annual customer conference, the growth in SEAT orders instantly stood out.  This growth propelled SEAT from 18th to 10th in the total number of orders, across all manufacturers, processed through Leaselink in the last 12 months.’