SATA sprayguns support Remit Training

Spraygun manufacturer SATA has donated a range of equipment to Remit Training to enhance its work with apprentices across the UK.

Remit is currently training 400 vehicle paint apprentices from bodyshops across England, Scotland and Wales, including 200 vehicle paint technicians.

SATA has provided each of Remit’s body and paint Apprentice Development Coaches (ADCs) with a spraygun and learning material, enabling it to train apprentices on a one-to-one basis in its maintenance and care.

Provided as a learning tool, the guns won’t be used for spraying activity, but will provide the opportunity for the apprentices to learn all about the importance of correct procedures in ensuring a spraygun is suitably maintained and always operates to its full potential.

Mike Battrick, regional manager for SATA UK, said, ‘The Remit team is in day-to-day contact with apprentices beginning their career in our industry. These young people need the chance to develop their skills in the right way throughout their apprenticeship and it’s great to be able to provide the tools to help them achieve this.

Remit apprentice development coach Michael Barratt, added, ‘Our role is to assess the apprentice’s competence in the workplace, as well as to train and educate them. Many of the bodyshops we partner with prefer our workplace training delivery model, and having a resource like this is a fantastic addition to our programme. We’re very grateful to SATA for its generosity and support.’