Safety first

Drivers chose safety (36%) as the most important reason to have an innovative feature on a car according to a survey from Goodyear Tyres.

Practicality ranked second highest (34%), whilst vanity dropped to the bottom of the priority list, with just two per cent of drivers admitting that having a feature in their car is important to them because it looks good.

One in 10 drivers claim having the latest technology in their car is of most importance to them and when asked to rank features in order of importance, 13% chose SatNav, four per cent opted for cruise control and autonomous capability, and nine per cent admitted they couldn’t live without their Bluetooth device.

Goodyear Tyres also revealed that the most important technological advances to those surveyed were: steering wheel sensors; bio-car; remotely control the entire car from your phone; driverless; connected car; braking related stop lamps; and eagle-360 tyre.

Speaking about the ‘concept car’, Kate Rock, spokesperson at Goodyear Tyres, said, ‘It seems the dreams and wishes of British drivers are not that far away from the realities we are seeing emerge in the automotive world.’ New company offers improved buying terms for repair industry.