RAC tackles motorway mystery

About 20% of all miles driven are on a motorway, but many motorists still find them intimidating.

The RAC Foundation is now leading a campaign to make them ‘welcoming and safe’. It says the challenge is to remove the mystery surrounding motorway driving.

Up to 19 million people live in areas without 70mph roads, Press Association analysis of the DfT figures shows, and road safety experts are concerned that drivers who don’t use motorways are unaware of the unique demands of the high-speed roads.

Steve Gooding, RAC Foundation director said, ‘While one in five miles driven by car takes place on a motorway, for many motorists these roads remain a mystery. The challenge is to make motorways as welcoming and safe as possible, so those people who only use them once in a blue moon feel comfortable doing so.

A Highways England spokesman added, ‘Over the past 18 months we have delivered a number of campaigns to help drivers travel confidently and safely on our motorways. Our traffic officers and information line are also available to help drivers 24/7.’