PSA collaborates with KBRW

PSA has partnered with KBRW on spare parts distribution as part of its ‘Push to Pass’ plan for profitable growth.

PSA Group’s Business Lab identified KBRW as a company that could contribute the expertise and agility needed for B2B distribution of out-of-stock multi-brand spare parts. With its Distrigo service, PSA now offers over 80,000 spare parts which sees diverse supply chain processes link to a variety of players to more than 130 Distrigo distribution hubs in Europe.

To manage the large number of spare parts not in stock, PSA chose KBRW’s digital Order Management System (OMS), which can integrate a variety of supply chains to optimise logistics management.

The project kicked off in late 2016 with a test phase led by the Business Lab1. After only two months of development, a deployment plan was drawn up on the basis of the conclusive test results. The plan is now being rapidly implemented and will cover all of Europe by mid-2018.

Christophe Musy, executive vice president, PSA Aftermarket, said, ‘After an in-depth review of the solutions available on the market, KBRW emerged as the most suitable partner to help us upgrade our IT systems and then swiftly launch the project for ordering out-of-stock spare parts. We were quickly convinced by the company’s agile, tailor-made and cost-effective approach, as well as by their excellent references. KBRW will help us achieve our objective of offering best-in-class service levels.’