Pizza Hut drivers earn extra dough

In North and North East London, Pizza Hut Delivery are launching an innovative new advertising campaign to entice people to order pizza to their door from 16 local Pizza Hut Delivery stores with the hook of free Pizza.

Teaming up with their lead franchisee, Shakeel Jivraj, and with start up Car Quids, they are experimenting with an innovative new marketing channel – advertising on regular drivers’ cars.

The campaign is being run in a highly targeted manner, using cars in the community in North and North East London around Shakeel’s franchises. The Car Quids team have specially selected drivers whose commutes pass Shakeel’s stores where they will be seen by local customers.

Anonymous tracking of the drivers locations allows the Pizza Hut Delivery team to see a heatmap of where the Pizza Hut Delivery cars are travelling and to ensure that they are getting the required exposure.

The beauty of the collaboration is that Pizza Hut Delivery – despite being seen sometimes as a large company, is actually a series of small businesses, or franchises run by the likes of Shakeel.

Shakeel: “We started delivering pizza over 10 years ago in the area. I really like working with London startup Car Quids to run our advertising campaign while also putting money back into the pockets of the local community, rather than monolithic media corporations.”

The collaboration allows Shakeel’s franchise to get a unique opportunity to stand out from more traditional media in a highly targeted manner, whilst supporting the community. Regular drivers in the community are earning around £100 per month for taking part in the campaign.