Personal touch counts in tyre sales

New research by the National Tyre Distributor’s Association (NTDA) has found that 80% of motorists would rather buy tyres in person from a tyre technician, instead of purchasing online.

The survey was commissioned as part of the NTDA’s policy document Raising Standards and Improving Safety in the UK Tyre Industry. Further research from the survey also found that 85% of motorists trust their tyre retailer and that 40% purchase a tyre based on advice from a technician.

Furthermore, the research found that women are more likely to trust advice and recommendation from a tyre technician, rather than base their purchasing decisions purely on cost. Within the 85% there are nearly 35% who have built up trust as a regular customer of a retailer over some years.

NTDA chief executive Stefan Hay said, ‘These survey findings are welcome reassurance for NTDA members and the wider automotive industry in light of increased sales of part-worn tyres over the internet.

‘Nothing can beat the value and expertise of face-to-face service from well-trained and trusted tyre technicians and this is clearly appreciated by the majority of motorists. Our industry faces many challenges in the coming decade but the NTDA’s research provides indicators on what actions we need to take to be fit for purpose. Tyre retailers can tackle these challenges from a position of strength.’