Partnership creates one-stop shop

Allianz Worldwide Partners and John Paul have entered a strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive range of services combining insurance, assistance and concierge services.

Allianz Worldwide Partners’ customers will benefit from a much wider range of concierge and loyalty services, while John Paul’s customers will be offered complementary assistance and insurance services.

This partnership is expected to create new business opportunities. For example, through a single point of contact, John Paul’s members will access travel insurance while the concierge organises the customer’s family holidays.

Rémi Grenier, president and CEO of Allianz Worldwide Partners, said, ‘The partnership is a response to our customers’ emerging appetite for concierge services, in particular due to the rapid spread of these services via digital offers. With this partnership, our customers will benefit from premium concierge services in most countries we serve.  They will enjoy an enhanced and distinct service experience. For both Allianz Worldwide Partners and John Paul, this means achieving an even higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.’

David Amsellem, CEO of John Paul, added, ‘This new partnership will allow our clients and partners to offer the best customer experience through a single point of contact, which is able to handle any request from A to Z, by phone or via digital. We believe this partnership will increase take up of higher value services, and will create new offers and business models to the market.’