Park that frustration behind the wheel

Drivers dislike bad parking more than any other issue, according to a new survey.

Warranty Direct has found that, from a survey of 1,000 UK drivers, 77% claimed bad parking was their single biggest pet hate on the roads.

Of those, 43% hate poor or inconsiderate parking, such as parking over a space line in a car park, so another vehicle cannot park in the next-door space, 19% dislike it when people ‘steal’ spaces and 15% are irritated by individuals who park at petrol pumps but do not need petrol.

Another common bugbear is poor understanding when it comes to overtaking or changing lanes. In these cases, the biggest annoyance is being cut up by another vehicle on motorways (42%). This is followed by 34% hating fellow motorists who undertake on motorways and 18% disliking drivers who speed up to prevent individuals from changing lanes.

Over a quarter of respondents (26%) disliked slow drivers and while more tentative motorists could be praised for their consideration on the roads, 32% of survey respondents said they hate it when others are ‘over-hesitant’.

Warranty Direct’s CEO, Simon Ackers said, ‘The results from our latest survey highlight that bad parking and substandard lane etiquette are a significant cause of frustration amongst UK drivers. We’d advise anyone who is unsure of correct driving etiquette to check the Highway Code, to ensure they improve the driving experience not only for themselves but for other members of the public as well.’

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