Parents back new laws

Parents of young drivers would back additional tougher driving laws designed to reduce the high human and financial cost of road accidents involving young and newly qualified drivers.

The research from Car Insurance, was carried out amongst 1,000 parents of 17 to 25 year olds who have passed their driving tests. It found that 10% had children who had had an accident requiring an insurance claim within one year of qualifying to drive and up to 62% would agree with further changes to driving laws to make younger drivers safer.

The research revealed:

  • 62% believe that young drivers should be restricted in the power and speed of the cars they can drive in the first year following passing their test
  • 54% believe there should be a zero alcohol drink/drive limit for drivers under the age of 20
  • 34% believe that telematics or ‘black box’ style insurance policies should be mandatory for drivers under the age of 20
  • 29% believe the minimum driving age should be increased by at least one year to 18+

Matt Oliver, car insurance spokesperson at commented, ‘Because younger drivers are more likely to have accidents, and with those accidents generally being more serious, insurance premiums can be high for new drivers in their first few years of driving. Tougher penalties for using a mobile phone and measures to restrict the choices of younger drivers – such as their choice of car, setting a zero alcohol drink/drive limit and having their driving constantly monitored with a telematics policy – may be unpopular amongst young drivers, but if they were to reduce the number of accidents involving that age group, it may lead lower car insurance premiums.’