Nissan eyes self-driving taxis

Nissan has revealed plans to test self-driving taxis on Japanese roads from March next year according to BBC.

The company is partnering with Japanese software company DeNA, which operates online services for the gaming, healthcare and automotive industries.

It will adapt a Nissan Leaf electric car, which passengers will summon using an app. The Easy Ride free trials will be held over a two-week period in March in Yokohama and could be launched within the country in the early 2020s.

‘With ‘more freedom of mobility’ as its concept, Easy Ride is envisioned as a service for anyone who wants to travel freely to their destination of choice in a robo-vehicle,’ Nissan said in a statement.

‘The goal is to allow customers to use a dedicated mobile app to complete the whole process, from setting destinations and summoning vehicles to paying the fare.’

During tests, there will be a staff member in the driver’s seat to comply with Japanese law.