NI Tyre Survey results ‘appalling’

Northern Ireland’s second National Tyre Distribution Association (NTDA) Tyre Survey results show in one week in March, 18 tyre retail centres removed 1,200 tyres that were below the legal tread depth limit of 1.6mm.

This follows on from a similar survey carried out over a longer period in 2016, where more than 3000 tyres removed were already under 1.6mm.

NTDA Chief Executive Stefan Hay said commented, ‘Yes the results of the survey are appalling, but they come as no great surprise. As we have said in the past, if the legal minimum is to remain at 1.6mm for the foreseeable future, then appropriate resources must be allocated to ensure effective enforcement is carried out.’

‘1,200 illegal tyres found in one week is simply unacceptable, this cannot continue.’

Although tyres are legal at 1.6mm, the NTDA believes there remains an argument, sufficiently compelling, for it to advise motorists to change their tyres at 3mm and irrespective of recent comments from some tyre manufacturers is calling for a review of the minimum tread depth introduced in 1992.

Stefan concluded, ‘Tyres are the only thing keeping a vehicle in contact with the road. Test results achieved under controlled test conditions are one thing, but driving in changeable and frequently adverse UK weather conditions, on poor and inconsistent road surfaces and with tyres of varying quality and condition is a different scenario altogether.’

‘We need tyre and auto-care professionals to educate their customers, for motorists to pay more and regular attention to their tyres and for the authorities to be more vigilant!’