MS Amlin renews National Windscreens contract

Global insurance company MS Amlin has extended its four-year contract with National Windscreens.

Matthew Wilson, claims manager of motor at MS Amlin, said, ‘National Windscreens has provided excellent customer service to our customers over the past four years. It has a strong track record in servicing fleet customers supported by a specialist glazing division for less mainstream vehicles, which was vital when deciding to renew the contract.

‘In addition, it was important to choose a partner who can service one of the fastest growing segments of the automotive industry, namely calibration of windscreen-mounted cameras that form part of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).’

National Windscreens has a UK network of 108 fitting and calibration centres.

Martyn Bennett, regional director at National Windscreens, said, ‘Our ability to provide a truly national service of the highest quality, in the quickest possible time is extremely valued by all of our clients. We have already invested over £2m in equipment, training, and facilities and will maintain this commitment to being the leading ADAS camera calibration provider in the UK.

‘National Windscreens is already established as the UK market leader for ADAS camera calibration with almost 6,000 calibrations undertaken to date. We aim to maintain this with a service that means on average, a UK motorist will be only 11 miles or 20 minutes away from a technician, ensuring motorists can drive away after a single visit with both their windscreen replaced and calibration work completed to required safety standards.’