MORE TH>N launches safety campaign

MORE TH>N has launched a new road safety initiative which centres on calls to test the use of images of cars that have been in accidents as a visual accompaniment to existing numerical speed signs.

The move has been labelled as applying the ‘fag-packet approach’ to the speeding epidemic, with a view to making people more instantly aware of the risks associated with their actions.

The suggested new tactic has already been backed by over half the nation, in the wake of research showing that millions of motorists ignore or don’t even notice speed limit signs in their current format.

The new concepts of visual deterrent speed signs were tested with 2,000 motorists in a poll conducted by MORE TH>N, where they were backed by over half (58%) of those surveyed as potentially having a real impact on their driving.

Kenny Leitch, global connected insurance director, said, ‘At MORE TH>N, we want to help make Britain’s roads as safe as possible. We know parents and young drivers worry about their early driving experiences.  We’re ensuring that our customer journey, communications and product design are all tailored towards promoting safe driving in a way that we know is likely make a real difference and change behaviour.

‘While it may sound like a particularly radical idea to introduce visual deterrents alongside speed limit signs, our early research has shown that the adoption of a ‘cigarette-pack approach’ could be another way tap into the human motivations that can promote good driving and prevent speeding.’

To mark this year’s Road Safety Week, MORE TH>N has also created the world’s first ever online driving game where it pays to drive safely.