Mirka dashboard protects ‘the environment’

Mirka has developed a solution to enable businesses to monitor the working environment through a series of sensors.

Its research and development centre in Finland has developed the myMirka dashboard that is expected to help safeguard worker’s health.

This follows its new ‘Our Clean Commitments’ Sustainability Report which focuses on the possibilities of digitalisation, including the potential of wearable technology, which is expected to have a major impact on the workplace in the coming years.

As part of the myMirka dashboard, myTools shows the running hours, motor and PCB card temperatures, speed etc, which are important predictive maintenance indicators. There is also considerable automated equipment used in the workplace, myMirka dashboard services also allow these systems to be connected with help of APIs, so the customer can easily see from one view that their equipment is safe to use.

In addition, when its electric sanders are connected with an operator, Mirka can monitor and follow how the operator is using the tool. If the speed and motor temperature are not at the recommended levels, the operator might be using the tool the wrong way, which is potentially dangerous from both a health and safety standpoint. If this is the case, Mirka can offer the business more training on how to use the tools to correct these issues.

Craig Daycock, managing director of Mirka UK, said, ‘We understand how smart devices for health and safety are increasingly being used by the companies we work with, which is why we are continuing to invest in both intelligent tools and software to help protect our customers from injuries such as HAVs and educate them on the potential risks as well. The myMirka dashboard allows you to monitor the whole exposure history of the operator and gives instant access to facts, figures and information in a digital form.’