Mercedes goes on electric offensive

Mercedes-Benz Cars is consolidating all activities in connection with electric mobility under the new product brand EQ.

Future EQ models are to be integrated into the series production of the existing Mercedes-Benz plants on four continents. The new generation of electric vehicles will be based on an architecture specifically developed for battery-electric models.

To help it play a leading role within future products and technologies, Mercedes has established the TecFactory, built to link its design, development, procurement, sales, and production departments, as well as introducing a new Electric/Electronic Integration Centre (EIC).

Located at its Sindelfingen site in Germany, the EIC will help prepare Mercedes-Benz vehicles for future challenges like connected vehicles and autonomous technology.

‘Mercedes-Benz Cars is setting the strategic course for the production of electric vehicles within the global production network, said Markus Schäfer, member of the divisional board of management of Mercedes-Benz Cars, production and supply chain management.

‘In this way, we are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by electric mobility and are significantly limiting the required investment. We have invested worldwide at an early stage in flexibility and technical equipment with groundbreaking Industry 4.0 solutions. With our plants in Bremen, Rastatt and Sindelfingen as well as the smart plant in Hambach, France, we now have four competence centres for the production of electric vehicles.’

The Concept EQ gives a clear outlook onto a completely new generation of vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Cars plans to launch more than 10 electric vehicles by 2025. The EQ product brand is part of Daimler’s strategy for the mobility of the future, CASE. The four letters stand for the strategic pillars of connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric drive (Electric).