Licensing takes another step forward

The Shadow Minister for Transport, Karl Turner, has requested an amendment to be made to incorporate a License to Practise for technicians working on new technologies.

The move follows the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) giving evidence to the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill Committee on Tuesday 31 October.

The new clause added to the Bill would require the government to bring forward regulations for technicians working on automated and electric vehicles in order to ensure they are properly trained, accredited and licensed to carry out repairs and maintenance of these vehicles.

This potential scheme would be regulated by a professional body who would operate a licensing scheme for those technicians.

Steve Nash, chief executive at the IMI, said, ‘After giving evidence to the Committee, our campaign is getting Parliamentary support, with Karl Turner MP acknowledging the need for a License to Practise for automated and electric vehicle technicians. This amendment is a positive move forward in our campaign, and the IMI will continue to carry the baton in order to support and protect those working in the automotive sector.

‘The IMI’s campaign, which is backed by businesses and experts across the sector, has been underpinned by a new research report that presents the case for regulation around the dangers of technicians repairing and maintaining automated and electric vehicles without sufficient training.’