Kwik Fit creates 200 apprenticeships

The announcement comes with National Apprenticeship Week due to start on 6 March.

Most of the two-year apprenticeships are available to 16-18 year olds and as well as developing a wide range of technical skills, the programme works to improve candidates’ maths, English and personal skills to enable them to pursue both management and technical careers.

Paul Binks, divisional director for people development at Kwik Fit, said, ‘The apprentices of today will become the leaders of the business in the future and so are crucial to the development of our organisation. We make a huge investment in our learning and development programme and deliver over 18,000 training days a year through our industry leading training academies.

‘Our apprentices are appointed into permanent roles and receive a structured training mix of classroom theory, workshop practice and on the job coaching. This gives them a major advantage over those following a purely classroom based course and allows them to quickly develop the right skills for a long term career.’

Kwik Fit has four training academies in Derby, Harlow, Reading and Broxburn. A Kwik Fit apprenticeship lasts around two years and provides a total of 91 Learning credits compared to the minimum requirement of 60 Learning credits delivered in a typical equivalent course carried out in a college environment.