Keep cars safe from festive thieves

Nothing quite puts a damper on the Christmas holidays like a break-in – but this time of year, when cars are most likely to be filled with money and valuables, is a peak time for thieves.

According to new data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by car leasing specialist, Leasing Options, there were almost 12,000 (11,703) reported instances of car theft during the month of December in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Merseyside, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire have the highest recorded car theft offences during December for the last three years.

Merseyside had 3,133 recorded instances of car theft during the last three Decembers, almost double the other cities on the top ten list and a 21% increase in car thefts compared to the other eleven months throughout the year.

Lancashire came second with 1,873 car theft cases and a 32% increase over the three year period, and Nottinghamshire came third with 1,313 cases and a 12% increase.

Security expert, Michael Fraser, said, ‘Car burglaries are a regular occurrence in cities at this time of year and many people are unknowingly putting their cars at risk by not taking the correct precautions.

‘Leaving cars in unsecure areas such as dark car parks or under trees with no lighting, makes it easier for thieves to enter the vehicle without the car owner knowing and thieves know they are less likely to get caught on security cameras.

‘The common mistake, however, is leaving valuables on display. Many of us do not think to put items like our Satnavs away once we have finished using them, or clean the mark off the windscreen, but these can easily attract unwanted attention.’

Mike Thompson, brand manager at Leasing Options said, ‘Christmas is a prime time for theft across the UK with many of us relaxing our security conscious mindset as we focus on the festivities.

‘Always make sure your car keys are out of reach, that your car is locked, and that valuables out of sight, so that you can enjoy the Christmas celebrations with peace of mind.’

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