James Briggs innovates and invests

James Briggs has invested around £60,000 in new ‘on demand’ printing technology.

The move provides greater flexibility in the manufacturing process and shorter lead times, importantly making smaller batch production more flexible and economical.

The company also continues to expand its business internationally, now supplying the Tek range into Ireland, targeting the accident and repair marketplace.

Tim Pugh, CEO of James Briggs, said, ‘This is an exciting time for James Briggs as we seek to continue to build on the 186-year heritage that the company has as one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of aerosols and consumer chemicals and as a renowned manufacturer of specialist chemical products’.

The business has also introduced new products to its Hycote and Nilco brand ranges.

The company, majority owned since 2013 by UK investor Endless LLP, has recently extended a £7.5m funding line with Royal Bank of Scotland Invoice Finance to September 2018.