Jaguar connectivity advert branded ‘irresponsible’

A Jaguar advertorial promoting its in-car connectivity has been banned and labelled irresponsible by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The advert claimed Jaguar XE technology was ‘transforming the commute’ by enabling drivers to use multiple apps and a phone at the same time ‘without compromising safety’. It added that its enhanced connectivity could ‘turn journey time into productivity.’

However, following two complaints of the advertorial, which was published in The Guardian last September, the ASA has ruled that it can’t be published again without ammendments.

It said, ‘We accepted that driving whilst using a hands-free mobile phone kit was not, of itself, illegal. However, we noted that the Highway Code stated that using hands-free equipment was likely to distract drivers’ attention from the road and advised that they used a voicemail facility and stopped to make or take calls.

‘The Highway Code also advised that there was a danger of driver distraction being caused by in-vehicle systems such as satellite navigation systems, congestion warning systems, PCs and multi-media.

‘Whilst we understood that the work related activities and communicating with family could be carried out in the car via hands-free technology, we considered that they were likely to distract a driver’s attention from the road and therefore preventing them from having full control of the vehicle.

‘Therefore, we concluded that the advertorial was irresponsible because it was likely to encourage unsafe driving practices.’

A Jaguar spokesman said, ‘For all of the connected car technologies we offer our customers, we will always offer what is safe to do whilst driving. The hands-free technology in the Jaguar XE has been developed and tested to allow users to put their phone safely and legally away, and give priority to focus on the driving experience.’