IVS forms partnership with Trim Perfect

A new partnership has been announced between International Vehicle Solutions – Cars Recon’s new UK company – and Northamptonshire-based SMART repair specialists Trim Perfect.

The deal is already seeing Trim Perfect operations being established at 36 locations in the US and there are plans to increase the company’s footprint in the UK through both direct investment by IVS and a franchising programme.

As part of the new deal, Natasha Ranger, who founded Trim Perfect four years ago and has worked in SMART repairs for more than two decades, has become UK and European director of IVS.

She explained, ‘The range of SMART repair techniques that we have pioneered with Trim Perfect are probably market-leading in their effectiveness, especially when it comes to interior trim repairs, which is why we have attracted the attention of IVS.

‘The SMART repair sector lacks a convincing national player in the UK or US and our intention is for Trim Perfect to take on that role.’

SMART repairs offered by Trim Perfect include dashboard, door trim, leather, cigarette, carpet, stone chip, scuffed bumper and scuffed mirror housing damage.

Kay Hudson, managing director of Cars Recon, said, ‘SMART repairs are a key part of the vehicle reconditioning process and the processes used by Trim Perfect are simply the best that we have seen, which is why we have formed his partnership.

‘Going forward, Trim Perfect will form a key part of the reconditioning proposition offered by IVS to major remarketing companies in the UK and US.’