ITB warns of ‘white lies’

Insure The Box is urging parents to think twice about telling white lies to their children about having a telematics box installed in their car.

This follows a spate of on-air radio ‘confessions’ from parents who admitted to lying to their children in the hope that this alone will ensure their safety on the roads.

Simon Rewell, road safety manager at Insure The Box commented, ‘Telematics boxes are proven to effectively increase driver safety. However, it’s important parents realise that the extended benefits of this technology, such as reduced speeding and lower accident rates, are realised with the installation of an actual black box.’

He continued, ‘It’s somewhat concerning to see that some parents, no matter how good their intentions, think they can give their children the safety benefits that come with installing a black box just with a white lie.‘

‘It’s crucial that parents and young drivers alike understand that the safer driving behaviour associated with telematics only comes through the use of a black box and the ability to provide feedback through an online portal. And, of course, a young person can only earn rewards and bespoke renewal prices if they have a black box to prove their safe driving.’